Mighty Aphrodite is the flowering nutrient throughout the grow.  It contains an extraordinary amount of mycelium and mycorrhizae, as well as phosphorus, potassium, earthworm castings and yogurt.  Although Mighty Aphrodite contains nutrients it is not a nutrient.  It is a bio-pack that increases the transmission of nutrients the plant wants to take.  This is the primary reason the terpene levels are are off the charts with Hercules.  We are not forcing parts per million of nutrients into the plant, but building a plant that can uptake all requirements as needed.


Demeter’s mirrors the Mighty Aphrodite in function, with nitrogen and phosphorus being the most prominent trace nutrients.  Demeter’s VGA is packed with micro-organisms and earthworm castings as well as mycelium and mycorrhizae.  Demeter’s also contains various meals, ground clam shells and seabird guano.


Zeus Juice is  The highest grade and purest hydrolyzed fish emulsion available, which delivers a boost for the terpene and oil production.  Specifically it is the proteins and protein chains that deliver that boost.  Zeus Juice is food for all of the microorganisms in the mix, and although it delivers a bit of nitrogen, the real magic is how it works with the MA and DVGA amendments. These amendments feed off one another and synergistically maximize cultures present in the mix; aiding in the plants’ ability to uptake 100% of what it naturally needs and wants.



Poseidon’s Potion  is a highly water-soluble Norwegian seaweed.  It is  one of the fastest growing marine organisms in the world and boosts bushing in all stages of your crop.